Game Killer Latest Version Apk Download 2017

How to Use Game Killer

  • Now, you have successfully installed app. Tap on it and open. You will see this box.
  • Minimize GameKiller and you will see floating game icon on screen
  • Open game which you need to hack coins or gold
  • Write down/remember coins/golds which you currently have
  • Tap on floating icon and input extract number of coins/gold you have on your mobile game.
  • Tap on search. If you are lucky you can see extract number on search results. But normally it will appear more than 100 results.
  • game killer chinese apk

Note – It will take time to appear results so please be patient.

  • Open game again and spent coins/ gold. Then remember/ write down remaining coins/gold
  • Tap on icon again and search again coins number.
  • You will have couple of results. Then tap on modify and input number of coins you need to have.
  • Press ok and see results.



Video Guide

More Information about App

How many games support for Game Killer Apk
App supports many games on playstore. Memory modifying technique that use in this app works for any android app. But you need to try again and again. With new updates game killer apk developers add new games to hack list. So always try to get latest version.

On our blog we post video guides for some popular games like Subway Surfers, Asphalt 8, Candy Crush Saga , Racing Rivals, 8 ball pool and Clash Royale.

We will try to add more game tutorials later.

What android versions are compatible with game killer
From android 2.3 (gingerbread) to android 6 (marshmallow) . Some users complain latest version of game killer is not working with older version of android. You can download previous versions of gamekiller from out download page.

Game killer need rooted android device?
There is no option to use on non rooted android devices. This app use core files to modify games memory. So it need root access. Rooting android phone is easy with kingroot app. Read our article how to root android without PC

IOS Supported version ?
This application works only with rooted android phone. It will not work with ios. But there are so many apps that support ios.

Is it safe?
Yes. Do not hesitate to download and install. It has not any harmful codes. Even annoying ads. Always try to get latest version.

Alternatives to Game killer App
Main problem is it required rooted android device. But there is another app that works with non rooted devices. its Lucky patcher. Normally lucky patcher supports games less than game killer do. But it has many options and user friendly interface.
Other Game modifying app is Freedom app. But it need rooted device. You can download latest freedom apk from its official website.

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